Reduce your support volume

We deploy trained and intelligent customer support assistants to reduce your customer support volume


How it works

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Seamless handoff

Regardless of how well trained the bot is, there may still be times when it needs to hand off the conversation to a human being. Chatsper chatbot can easily route the conversation to a live agent, so no question is left unanswered.

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Track customer feedback

The truth is loyal customers grow a business faster than sales or marketing. Getting a handle on how customers view your product, support, and company is invaluable. Extract powerful insights from customer feedback collected by your bot.

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Is one language enough? No. That said – with 72 languages, no customer is left behind. In fact, 74% of customers would be more likely to purchase from a company that offered post-sales support in their language.

And typos are no problem – understand your customers despite their typos and synonyms.

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Powerful analytics

Track support trends, quality of your bot’s answers, improve support and identify bottlenecks, successes and improvements with instant, in-depth analytics.


We support all modern ticketing platforms

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You are covered

Our team has decades of combined experience working with such international organisations as:


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